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Albany Location

Albany is 406km south of Perth. The Dutch discovered it in 1627, but it was the English who made claim in 1791.  The Amity brought the first rag-tag bunch of convicts and soldiers to Albany in 1826, and for a few years Albany was the capital of Western Australia.  Many of the built sites in Albany are the first in WA: the first gaol, the first farm etc.  Enjoy the history of Albany on a self guided walk around town.  Albany is now home to the National Anzac Centre on Mount Adelaide. 

If it's natural delights you love, then you will be spoiled for choice here.  Albany has white sand, turquiose water beaches, great fishing, dramatic coastline and world class wineries. Henry Lawson said Albany... seems to exist only in a somewhere-on-the-horizon sort of way; I like it all the better for that.'  

Local Weather

When the sun shines there is no more beautiful place than Albany. When the rain falls, the Rainbow Coast lives up to its name. Don't believe folk who tell you that it always rains in Albany.  Albany receives the same rainfall as Perth, but over a longer period.  A little bit of rain often, keeps everything green and fresh. In Albany the sun rises and sets over the ocean and the easterly is the sea breeze. You will often need another layer and an umbrella, but don't forget your bathers and sunscreen; you'll need them too!

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